How do I enter the show?

Entries are done from our existing Online Entry site 'Show Manager'. https://showmanager.com.au

What is a 'Kudo'?

Kudos is a noun that means "praise, honor, or acclaim." When you judge and place the dogs each dog is awarded 1 Kudo based on the number of dogs beaten. Only classes that are judged and will be included in the count of Kudos for the winner. For example, There is a class of 5 dogs and you place 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 5 Kudos are awarded to the winner, 4 kudos to second and 3 kudos to third. You do not place any other classes in the breed and award the class winner Best of Breed, the dog still only has 5 Kudos.

Will I be able to Judge any show?

While most shows you will be able to participate in the U-Judge feature some shows the club may decide that only the official judge can judge the exhibits.

Will all shows have the 'Peoples Choice' and 'Closest U-Judge Result'?

Where shows are a fundraiser for a club these prizes may not be available. Please check the schedule of the event to check if these are on offer.

Do I have to Judge the whole show?

No. You can judge as litter or as much as you want. Only the dogs that you judge are awarded Kudos.

Can anyone see my judging?

No, Only you can see your judging and results. When judging is closed you will also be able to see the Judge results.

When will I be able to see all the results?

As soon as judging has finished and judging is closed you will be able to view the judge results straight away.

Will the Judge critique all entries?

This will depend on the club running the show. At a minimum we expect the judge will critique the Best of Breed Winners.

When can I see the entries and enter results?

As soon as entries are closed and the catalogue created the event will be live straight away.

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