About U-Judge


U-Judge is a full interactive online showing game where not only are your dogs judged but you compete against the judge.

When online entries have closed log into the U-Judge site with your normal show manager account to view images of the entrants then place them like you are the judge, do as much or as little as you want, you can do only your breed or the whole show! When the dog wins the dog is award one ‘Kudo’ for each dog it beats in your placings. The more you judge the more kudos the dog can win.

When judging is complete all results are instantly live and you can compare your U-Judge result to the Judges result.

Anyone can view the U-Judge show at no cost, to be able to join in the fun and complete results you either need to enter a dog in the show or be a Show Manager Premium subscriber.


Exhibitors enter as per normal via https://showmanager.com.au, when entries are closed a catalogue is prepared and sent to the U-Judge site for Judging. Judging will then remain open for a given period of time and when judging is closed the Judge Results are published and you are able to log in and compare your results with the Judge. The judge will also complete a critique for each Best of Breed winner.


Best in Group

Each Best in Group winner as judged by the Judge will win a prize.

People’s Choice

All the kudos are totalled from the U-Judge results and the dog with the highest kudos wins, the more people that judge your dog the kudos you will get.

Kudos are based on the total number of dogs beaten. When more than one dogs kudos are equal kudos will then be ranked from Best in Show and will continues down to the class if required to split the winner.

Closest U-Judge Result

The U-Judge results closest to the Judge results wins. When your result is the same as the judges you are awarded one point. The person with the highest number of points is the winner. When points are equal points will then be ranked from Best in Show and will continues down to the class if required to split the winner.

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